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zen  sterling silver, gray freshwater pearls, coral, elastic

satellite  sterling silver

super chunk  sterling silver, citrine

bulge  sterling silver

shimmy charm

sterling silver, 18k gold, citrine.

mask, bully, harlequin  sterling silver

bumba  sterling silver

stripes, chinois, birdie  sterling silver

pitterpat  18k gold with elastic

etta  sterling silver, lapis, prussian goldstone

riptide  sterling silver

psych-out  sterling silver

very big  sterling silver, amethyst

tiger lily on mini mac, boardwalk, tumble  18k gold with aqua blue chalcedony and peruvian calcite

beguile  sterling silver, elastic

sterling silver, chrysoprase, jade, chalcedony

gizmo  sterling silver

girlfriend  sterling silver, 18k gold

cobblestones  sterling silver, mediterranean coral

king kong  sterling silver


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